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 +====== AsyncShock: Exploiting Synchronisation Bugs in Intel SGX Enclaves ======
 +==== Abstract ====
 +Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) provide a new hardware-based
 +trusted execution environment on Intel CPUs using secure
 +enclaves that are resilient to accesses by privileged code and physical
 +attackers. Originally designed for securing small services, SGX bears
 +promise to protect complex, possibly cloud-hosted,​ legacy applications.
 +In this paper, we show that previously considered harmless synchronisation
 +bugs can turn into severe security vulnerabilities when using SGX.
 +By exploiting use-after-free and time-of-check-to-time-of-use (TOCTTOU)
 +bugs in enclave code, an attacker can hijack its control flow or bypass
 +access control.
 +We present AsyncShock, a tool for exploiting synchronisation bugs of
 +multithreaded code running under SGX. AsyncShock achieves this by
 +only manipulating the scheduling of threads that are used to execute
 +enclave code. It allows an attacker to interrupt threads by forcing segmentation
 +faults on enclave pages. Our evaluation using two types of Intel
 +Skylake CPUs shows that AsyncShock can reliably exploit use-after-free
 +and TOCTTOU bugs.
 +==== Download ====
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